About Us


Civil Department will persistently provide an ambience which will foster the design engineers, who will be empathetic towards the socio-economic problems of the people and will have the eloquence and virtue to solve them by implementing project based learning. Our aim is to create entrepreneurs, whose righteousness will help in building a prosperous nation.


1.To develop human potential to its fullest extend so that intellectually capable and imaginatively gifted civil engineers can emerge as a professionals.

2.To create knowledge by engaging in cutting edge research and to provide academic growth by offering state of art undergraduate program.

3.Our teachers are well versed entities who are pioneer in Project Based Learning and research for global excellence.

4.To undertake collaborative projects which offer opportunities for long term interaction with academia and Industry. 


long term goal

• To develop world class consultancy.
• To develop smart city in nearby areas.
• To establish the department as an excellent academic centre through outcome based, skill oriented teaching learning methods and laboratories with modern equipment.
• To establish strong alliance with national and international organisations to strengthen academic and research activities.
• To establish the department as a renowned research centre in the field of Civil Engineering.
• To start the Design School in collaboration with foreign universities.
• To develop sustainable village by creating energy efficient systems and eco-friendly technologies.

Short term goal

• To enhance the academic performance by improving teaching learning practices.
• To implement effective measures to improve staff and faculty qualification.
• To offer quality improvement programs for staff and students.
• To work with local community to carry out mutually beneficial techno-social activities.
• To add industry sponsored labs by enhancing industry institute interactions
• To promote students to achieve better placement, higher education opportunities, and entrepreneurship skill.